We offer instruments, accessories and bow from a minimum of quality and price.

Buy an instrument

Buy Instrument: buy a violin, viola or cello is a very important decision, especially the economic question. Must be taken into consideration different parameters while purchasing it.

Tips for buying an instrument:

1) Know what looks to the acquisition of an instrument: Power, balance of sound, warmth

2) Guide yourself by instinct

3) If you like the instrument you will make it sound good

4) If you are a beginner you better came with your teacher

6) It's better old or new? The important thing is that you like the sound

What do we sell?

Violins / Violes: for students from ¾( ½ ¼ on command) factory semiartesenals, secondhand, old author

Cellos: From ¾ ( ½ ¼ on command) factory semiartesenals, secondhand, old author

Arches: important to achieve a good sound of the instrument

Accessories: cases, strings

Violas and cellos, semiartesanals made the workshop, very particular sound and very affordable price.

All the instruments can be tested as often as you want inside the store. If you want to take the instrument to be tested in larger areas or to know people's opinion of your trust, we go with you wherever you want: concert hall, space larger, and so on.

The instruments we offer are high quality with respect to its price.


RULES OF THE WORKSHOP SHOP:No instruments will be considered outside the store when a customer wants to buy.

No prizes test instruments outside the shop to make comparisons


We make restorations